The Group

LOXIN is an industrial technological group that provides tailored innovative solutions in industrial processes automation to improve our clients productivity and efficiency.

Loxin designs and manufatures high technology machine solutions for industries in which higher technological capabilities are required (in terms of stiffness, accuracy, speed and flexibility), such us in the case of the aeronautical industry.

Loxin’s products are primarily based on a proprietary robotic technology (“Tricept”), i.e. modular robots designed on hybrid parallel kinematics technology that include 5 (or 6) axes controlled by a digital control. This technology enables extremely versatile machining modules of high stiffness and flexibility combined with excellent accuracy and repeatability features. Loxin also provides solutions based on third parties robot technology.

The Company has strong internal engineering and automation capacities to develop our own products and to offer tailor made solutions for our costumers.



“Esta empresa ha recibido una subvención del Gobierno de Navarra en virtud de la convocatoria de 2016 para inversiones en adaptación de equipos y lugares de trabajo.”



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