Tricept PKM

Tricept Parallel Kinematic Machine Tricept  Parallel  Kinematic  Machine

Tricept Machine Tool Module is an unique concept with unique performance that combines extreme dynamics, high stiffness and a large travel envelope with flexibility and modular machine design. Tricept is the most successful hybrid parallel kinematics machine in industry, accounting for more than 350 units installed worldwide in a number of different applications.

Tricept is a five axis hybrid parallel kinematic machine, used for High Dynamic applications or as CNC machining centers. Three of the degrees of freedom are supplied by tripod (parallel moving actuators), additional degrees of freedom are provided by wrists (standard serial rotational head), assembled into lower moving frame of tripod. Structure can be adapted for six degrees of freedom as needed.


Tricept modules are designed as a five axes machines, able to interpolate each one of Axes to position tool or end effectors located at the head of machine. Machine control can be done by Siemens 840D controller, Fagor 8065 controller or ABB IRC5 controller. Part program is done as a standard CNC machine with a Cartesian programming system, transforming Ax1-Ax2-Ax3-Ax4-Ax5 movement to X- Y - Z movement.

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