CNC Machining Center

The LOXIN CNC Machining Center offers unsurpassed flexibility in manufacturing.


The MES (Modular Element System) Structure is designed to allow the Tricept module to be mounted in one of the three different positions: horizontal, vertical, or at forty five degrees.

This unique system is not only configurable at the LOXIN factory, but can be reconfigured at the customer´s facility if the need arises.

Along with the base module of the MES, LOXIN offers a full range of additional equipment options designed to work in harmony with the base MES.

Some of these optional units are a Pallet Changer, Horizontal Rotating Fixture, Vertical Rotating Fixture, Multiple Pallet Pool, Horizontal T-slot Table, Vertical T-Slot Table, Robotic Load/Unload Station, Full or Partial Enclosure and Automatic Tool Changer.

With the combined flexibility of the MES and its array of optional devices the MES allows customers to invest in a system they need today and have the confidence that the system can be reconfigured to meet their needs of the future.




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